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It’s fun, it’s fair. It’s fantastic!

We believe in a planet that's fair and square but above all... fun and fantastic! Welcome to Planet Brownie!

Taste a bite of hazelnut brownies
Take a bit of our orange brownies
Mint and chocolate, a perfect combination
Choose Planet Brownie for a colourful life

the colourful life

Welcome at Planet Brownie.
I know you think the world is round.
But it’s not, it’s square.
Fun, fair and fantastic Brownies
are made here.

How fun are Brownies you say? 
When they’re handmade by
the best crafts(wo)men,
with use of Hazelnut oil,
and natural ingredients. 

Halal certified, kosher certified,
simply put: fun certified. 

So how fun are Brownies if not only
the people who eat it are happy,
but the planet, animals, crafts(wo)men
and nature as well. 

We want our brownies to make a difference

Making a difference

On our planet we want
things to be fair and square and
we build our company on that.

At Planet Brownie everyone
profits from our success. 
A magical place where 
equality is priority.

And we like to keep it that way. 
With every sleeve we sell, a donation
of 10 eurocent goes to the
Planet Brownie Foundation.

Therefore transparancy is key.
Where our product is made, 
how it’s made, where ingredients 
come from. Who benefits from it.
Fair enough? 

In all fairness, we are the best ;-) 

The highest quality, the tastiest chocolate, the best brownies


Doensn’t Planet Brownie
sound wonderful? 
Our succes is fuel for the world.
The world is a better place when we all give.
We share a part of our revenues
with the .

When you combine enthousiastic
people with a fair mindset,
you get a unique taste of a world
we believe in.

We believe that if everyone  
does their part, we would build
a better world together.
We do the brownies.
What’s your part?

A fantastic community
on the most amazing planet. 

Take a bit of our orange brownies

wanna try a piece of me?


So what are you waiting for? Contact us and we would love to personally introduce you to Planet Brownie and all our colourful possibilities. 

Recycle your packaging for a better planet

Adriaan Brouwerstraat 31 - 1  •  2000 Antwerp  •  Belgium
T +32(0)3 383 4200  •  help@planetbrownie.com