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Our business partners are essential in the construction of Planet Brownie, providing collaboration and support. Together, we create a thriving environment where chocolate lovers worldwide can indulge in the joy of Planet Brownie

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Inflight Service Management

Inflight Service Management

Inflight Service Management is an innovative Inflight retail company that stands out with its unique approach. Going beyond traditional norms, they bring a fresh perspective to the industry. With their exceptional service and tailored solutions, Inflight Service Management delivers a remarkable and personalized retail experience to passengers, setting a new standard in onboard shopping.

Froster 2


Froster is the logistics partner for food companies in the Benelux region. From start-ups to supermarkets, and from producers to wholesalers, its clients are active throughout the frozen food chain in the Netherlands and Belgium. Fully equipped for large-scale distribution, Froster also gladly shares its internal expertise with innovative companies that add value to the market. This way, Froster lives up to its motto: growing together, winning together.


Oceania UK

Oceania UK is a specialized company catering to luxury retail chains, offering sales of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG). With a focus on premium products, Oceania UK delivers a diverse range of high-quality items to meet the discerning needs of luxury consumers. Their expertise in the FMCG sector and strong relationships with renowned retail chains ensure efficient distribution and exceptional service. Oceania UK is committed to providing top-notch products that elevate the shopping experience for luxury clientele.

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