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The best callebaut chocolate


Our brownies contain premium Belgian Callebaut Chocolate, known for its rich flavour and high quality. The carefully selected cocoa beans are roasted and ground to create a smooth texture that adds a decadent richness to our Brownies, making them an indulgent treat for any Chocolate lover.

Only the finest ingredients

Hazelnut Oil

Our brownies feature premium hazelnut oil extracted from roasted hazelnuts for a rich, nutty taste that pairs perfectly with Chocolate. The smooth texture and delicate flavour of the hazelnut oil elevates our brownies, making them a luxurious and indulgent treat for any occasion. Forget Palm oil, we love Hazelnut oil.

a delightful experience

Premium quality

Our handcrafted brownies are made using only the finest, premium ingredients. From the rich Belgian Chocolate to the smooth Hazelnut oil, each ingredient is carefully chosen for its exceptional quality and flavour. We take pride in our commitment to excellence and know that you'll taste the difference in every delicious bite.

Buy our classic brownie, a true classic!

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